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OMG ! Air ticket price are less than railway ticket


Air ticket price in around 2500 rupees in India.

This is the most popular way of transport. It’s quick, it’s comfortable and it’s just too easy. But try avoiding Air travel (if possible) when weather forecast is not good, delays in flight can be avoided in such a case.

Every person want to travelled in the aeroplane but this types of dream are doesn’t complete but good news for those person they not afford large money for the travelling in the air this news for these types of person.

Some air travelling companies are travelled the person in the price 2500 rupees this price are less than the railway ticket price generally railway ticket price for 2A and 3A are around 3000 to 4000 rupees .

This offer allow on 16 air travelling company including spice jet India ,air India ,and some other important air travelling company .

There are do not claim security stamp on the hand bags.

For the travelling convention and save time these is don’t security stamp on the hand bags . this types of order allow from central industrial security force (CISF) for the travelling easy and conventional.

This order followed 8 big airport in India including delhi, Mumbai and channai airport.

Air Asia new travelling offer for passenger.

AirAsia, a low-cost airline, has come out with an offer which few among those who have not travelled by air can refuse. Almost at the cost of a rail ticket one can fly.

For instance, by paying less than rupees six hundred one can fly in a plane on Guwahati- Imphal route. There is, however, a condition. For travelling for nine months between February and October next year, he has to buy his ticket by

Friday next.

Similarly, the flying cost for going to Kochi from Bengaluru will be Rs 899 and this will include all the charges besides fare.

The company owned jointly by the Tatas and Malaysia’s AirAsia Barhad has also offered heavy discount on foreign travels.


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