Best Good Night Status And Shayari for WhatsApp And Social Networking Sites

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1. Good Night Status

                               Wish you A very very Good night 
                                and sweet dream My friend

One two three
Set free from worry
see moonlight N galaxy
Feel sweet dreamy Ecstasy
Have dreams very lovely

3.  Good night Images And SMS


                                        Your sweet time of today is ending Now,
                                        Forget bad Incidents,
                                        Remembers beautiful Moments,
                                        to refresh your mind
                                        wish you a sweet sleep.

                                                  Good Night !

3. Best Good Night Wishes And SMS

                            Raat Kafi Ho Chuki Hai

                            Ab Chiragh Bujha Dijiye
                            Ek Haseen Khwab Rah Dekhta Hai Apki,
                            Bs Plko K Prde Gira Dijiye
                                  “.*. Good Night .*.”.


5 .  Good Night Wishes

                            Wash ur fce nd wash ur feet!

                            Now itz time 2 fall aslep.
                            U rs eyes r weak N mouth can’t speak so hope tis nite shll b nice nd sweet.

                                              Good Night.. 

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