Income of top 10 sport person in the world

Income of top 10 sportsmen in the world

#10. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player and his income $50 million

#09. Jordan spieth 

Jordan spieth is a golf player and there income $52.8 million.

#08. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson play golf and his income are $52.9 million

#07. Cam Newton

Cam Newton is a football player and there income $53.1 million.

#06. Novak djokovic

Novak djokovic is a tennis player and there income will be $55.8 million.

#05. Kevin Durant 

Kevin Durant earn $56.2 million and he is a basketball player.

#04 roger federal

Roger federal is a tennis player his income are $67.8 million

#03. Labron James

Labron James is a basketball player and he earn $77.2 million and there income is third place in the sports person of the world

#02 Lionel messi 

Lionel messi is the famous soccer player and there income is 2nd place in the income of sports person in the world.$81.4 million

##01 Cristiano ronaldo 

Cristiano Rinaldo is the best soccer player and his prize also best in the world . this superstar earn $ 88 million.

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