Death of sun coming sun….

Death of sun coming soon….

Our galaxy is milky way galaxy . it is spiral in shape .nearest galaxy to ours is Andromeda . Our solar system consist of a star ( sun ) , 8 planets and countless fragments of left over called astroids ,meteors ,comets and satellite of theplanets.

Sun is very important for human , sun give very large energy to the earth ,without sun we doesnt imagine human life ,sun is 109 times bigger than the earth and weights 2×10^²7 tons .
The energy of sun comes from the fusion of hydrogen into helium,72℅ of helium and 21℅ of hydrogen ,this fusion are gives the energy to the 8 planets hydrogen and helium are fusion this fusion gives lot of energy and light . if this fusion contineusly fusion takes place. Sunlight takes 8 minutes and 16.6 seconds to reach earth .total age of sun is 10 billion year and present age is 5 billion year that means 5 billion year old and after 5 billion year sun death are coming , 

No of planets in solar system

1. Mercury
3. Earth 
4. Mars
5. Jupiter
6. Saturn
7. Uranes
8. Neptune

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